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Pink Quicksand Makeup Brush

Pink Quicksand Makeup Brush

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Looking for a makeup brush that can help you achieve a flawless look? Look no further than the Pink Quicksand Makeup Brush. Made with rayon, this brush is soft and gentle on your skin, making it easy to apply foundation, powder, blush, and more. The PU bristles are firm yet flexible, so you can easily blend and contour your makeup. Plus, the portable handle size makes it easy to take this brush on the go. The overall length of the brush is 16cm and the hair length is 4cm. The Pink Quicksand Makeup Brush is the perfect tool to help you achieve a natural or glam look.



Product Category: Makeup Brush
Set of brush count: 8
Brush material: rayon
Brush type: PU
Brush material: plastic
Handle size: portable
Hair length specification: 4cm
Overall length specification; 16cm
Appearance color; pink

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